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Future Forum at Rose Apple Square

January 19, 2022

Render Concept Basement Area

One of the unique aspects of Rose Apple Square has always been the partnership with Future Forum, who will be leading an exciting extension of their main office in Phnom Penh. This think tank focused on developing the next generation of policymakers will not be a closed-off space of policy wonks, but instead a vibrant co-working community open to members. What’s more, Future Forum’s founder Ou Virak will be bringing leading policy experts from both Phnom Penh and globally for talks and presentations on a range of issues.  

Divided over three floors and almost 1,400 square meters, Future Forum will be the largest and most dynamic co-working space and research hub in Siem Reap, with numerous meeting rooms, lecture halls with shared space able to accommodate over 300 people seated, and even more for standing events or when utilizing exterior spaces.  

Design inspiration is taken from Cambodian fabrics, local woods, and traditional ceramics with a touch of street-savvy. We are very excited for you to be the first to learn about Future Forum at Rose Apple Square’s design and amenities!

Interior Spaces

With interior design and layout being led by Phnom Penh-based, The Room Architecture and Design, Future Form at Rose Apple Square will span 1,390 square meters over three floors. The main entry in the basement is home to lecture halls and a café, before moving upwards to members-only areas. Light-filled, beautifully designed, Future Forum at Rose Apple Square is sure to impress.  

The curvy, Lecture Hall A

Excitement Underground

The best ideas always come from the underground and for Future Forum’s new Siem Reap home, the journey starts from the basement level. Upon entering, visitors and members will be greeted by this light-filled, casual hang-out area flanked by some of the coolest rooms in the city– all sure to inspire. Broken down into five main spaces, the basement level’s three multi-function halls will certainly catch attention and will be perfect for companies looking to rouse staff spirit, for company retreats, or hosting conferences. Fitted with projectors and A/V equipment, each can be set up for presentations, lectures, or workshops.

Artist’s rendering of the Forum café

The Future Forum café will be the place to pop by for a quick pastry or jolt of caffeine, welcoming all Future Forum residents and Rose Apple Square visitors alike. Opposite the café is the access to a higher floor – far from the typically enclosed staircases, these “community stairs” invite members and visitors to enjoy the view on the courtyard or casually catch up before venturing upstairs to their workstation. Don’t be surprised if this becomes an impromptu space for lectures or perhaps even the occasional music or improv performance.

Grounded co-working

Moving up the community stairs, visitors will be greeted into the main co-working space via a reception-and-library. Centered on the ground floor are 38 workpoints for Future Forum fellows and members. Flowing over a range of shared tables, sofas, and small tables everyone will be able to find the perfect spot. Flanking the co-working area are four meeting rooms, three offices, and a “call box” for those private zoom calls or catching up with mom. The primary shared space is designed with comfort and inspiration in mind, combining standing and sitting stations, as well as a range of soft furniture in more casual configurations for chats with friends or catching up on policy reading.

1F – Let’s hang out

A second internal stair links the ground floor to the 1F (the third of the three floors). Stepping in, visitors will find 44 additional workpoints as well as four meeting rooms and three offices. The top floor also houses the shared pantry for snacks, heating up lunch, and quick coffees. Members will be able to securely store their computers and tools in one of the dozens of lockers available on the first floor, allowing them to step out for breaks without concern or the need to lug around all their heavy equipment.  

However, a true highlight, and sure to be one of the most sought over seats, will be the hammocks in the relaxation area. Meant to offer an in-building escape from work, or just a space to get deep reading done, everyone at Future Forum will look for a reason to slide off their shoes and unwind in one of the hanging chairs.  

A place to hang out during breaks

Outside Areas, for the Forum and Public

The multi-function courtyard of Rose Apple Square features space for both residents and the public as well as some multi-function areas that can be used for small lectures or working groups. These areas will fall under the management of Future Forum for events, allowing companies or organizations to rent out several spaces, indoor and out, for conferences, organizational workshops, or even the occasional performance. When not in use, these areas are available to both Rose Apple Square residents and the Siem Reap public for relaxing, catching up with friends, or perhaps just nestling with a good book under one of the trees.

Coming Soon!

With the space currently going through final design, interior work is set to commence in March, with the space being inaugurated in August or September of this year. Pricing, membership options, and other details will be coming later this year from Future Forum. If you are already looking for options for events or company retreats, please reach out to Mr. Michael Renfrew (michael.renfrew@futureforum.asia) for more information.