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The best strata-titled office space in Siem Reap

With a total area of 2,643 SQM (GFA) throughout three different floors, Rose Apple Offices is Siem Reap’s first strata-titled office space for sale. Catering for small and medium enterprises that have emerged from the startup phase and are ready to move into a dedicated home.

Rose Apple Square Siem Reap Offices
Rose Apple Square Siem Reap Offices Rose Apple Square Siem Reap Offices Rose Apple Square Siem Reap Offices Rose Apple Square Siem Reap Offices

Buy, don't rent

All the office spaces are Rose Apple Offices are “strata-titled”. What this means is that you are purchasing your office space, not renting. This allows your business to build a transferable asset over time and increase the value of your company. Work directly with your existing bank to explore financing options through a traditional business loan and stop spending money on renting.

Meet Kat & Sothea

“Our small business was doing quite well. We decided it was time to invest in owning our own office space. We saw an immediate increase in staff productivity and even secured new clients”

Not just an office

Most people spend as much time at the office as they do at their homes so we think your workplace should be just as inviting. Fit out your office to your needs while also enjoying the perks of working in Siem Reap’s most innovative office location. These include a communal pantry, as well as access to Rose Apple Square’s suite of services and meeting rooms lots of greenspace and areas to escape your desk outdoors, and access to the 150-capacity presentation theater. All this and steps away from a café and the shade of the trees — all perfect ways to recharge during and after a long day.

Rose Apple Square Siem Reap Offices

Site Amenities

  • 24hr security

  • Reception in the main lobby

  • Housekeeping service in shared spaces

  • Shared pantry spaces

  • Free wi-fi in the main lobby

  • Membership options with Futures Forum

  • Access to public garden and courtyard

  • Small green spaces dotted throughout each floor

  • Ample parking spaces

Rose Apple Square Siem Reap Offices

83 - 117 SQM Units

4th, 5th & 6th Floors

With large windows in all units, choose a space from 83 square meters and larger, or consider more than one to create larger spaces.

Rose Apple Square Siem Reap Offices Layout

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