2 Bedroom - Short Stay

The open layout of the kitchen, dining, and living areas make it easy for families to enjoy moments together at home. Two spacious balconies invite natural light and ventilation throughout the day.

Suit Features

Smart TV
Free Wifi
Complimentary mini bar with daily refill
Fully Equipped Kitchen

Unit Details

Rooms: 2

Toilet & Bath: 2

AC unit: 3

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Designed for the digital nomad or Phnom Penh professional bouncing between the capital and Siem Reap, these perfectly laid out studios have everything you need: space for a large bed and desk and topped off with an efficient yet entirely functional kitchen.

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1 Bedroom

Our 1 bedroom is perfectly proportioned allowing for a spacious bedroom and cozy living area. Perfect for the busy urban professional or a young couple always on the go, this gives you everything you need to enjoy life, right in the heart of Siem Reap.

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